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Clogged drains are not only frustrating, but they can also be dangerous for your plumbing system. Common culprits of clogs tend to be food waste, such as complex carbs, fats, oils, and other materials that are better off in the trash. Clogs can also be caused by non-flushable items going into the toilet. This includes baby wipes, paper towels, or other large items that can block your drain system. When it comes to your shower drain, hair, soap scum, and even bath bomb ingredients can cause clogs over time. Facial hair is one often overlooked item that can still cause a serious clog from shaving over the sink.


Shaving and Your Drains

 It can seem odd to consider short facial hair as a source of a serious clog. However, any material that can get stuck and build up in the drain poses an issue. Shaving directly into the sink can cause an undesired clog. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent these clogs from happening.


Avoid Filling the Sink With Water

 It is common to partially fill the sink with water to use as a rinsing agent for shaving cream. This causes both hair and shaving cream to enter your drain at once which can lead to a clog. It is more beneficial to use a paper towel to collect the excess hair falling into your empty sink, and use a cup of water for rinsing your blade.


Preventing Clogs

 If you are a frequent shaver, it could be worth investing in a beard trimming mat that sticks to your mirror with convenient suction cups. The other side of this mat is placed around the neck. This completely stops hair from getting into your sink. Simply remove the mat and throw the hair away when done.


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