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clearwater 3There are a lot of reasons to call a plumber, and a clogged drain is probably # 1! At ClearWater Plumbing we can handle absolutely any difficulty you may have with your drains, no matter what it is or what the cause! Whether you have a small plumbing issue or a large and complex plumbing emergency, the highly trained, top-notch plumbing team at ClearWater Plumbing can take care of it for you! What’s more, every job – regardless of size – gets the same quality service and care we have been known for in Fort Worth for the last 21 years! There’s a reason why we can call ourselves – the “A-team”!

One of the problems with drains and sewer lines is that people generally forget about them – until there’s a problem. There are more culprits than anyone ever imagines when it comes to clogging a drain. Basically, anything that will fit down a drain will clog a drain. And you’d be amazed at what fits down some drains! Most people know that hair is a major offender, but unfortunately, a lot of people have it, so a lot of it goes down drains. Food is another offender; small food particles build up over time, even when it seems like the garbage disposal has taken care of them. Grease can and should be deposited in the garbage, not down your drains, but often, it’s not. And of course, every toilet can – and probably will – become a problem at some point in time. A toilet is only supposed to handle toilet paper, not what actually goes down it. Everything from entire rolls of toilet paper and feminine products, to toys, books, bottles, clothing, and stuffed animals are regularly found in toilets across America; any home with a child under five knows what we’re talking about. But you don’t have to worry because – whatever it is – and wherever it’s stuck – we can help keep the drains in your home running smoothly!

• Bathroom sinks
• Tubs
• Showers
• Toilets

• Kitchen sinks
• Garbage disposals
• Sewer lines
• Septic tanks

• Basement drains
• Floor drains
• Shower drains
• Garage disposals

At ClearWater Plumbing we use the kind of state-of-the-art-technology that means any plumbing repair you need is guaranteed to be easier and quicker than ever before. We use video cameras to inspect your pipeline so that we can diagnose and pinpoint exactly where your drain problem is. We can see if your slow-running drain or clog is due to sludge build-up, hair, grease, paper – or if the problem is caused by wear and the age of your pipes, tree roots, or shifting soil. Once we pinpoint the problem, we have a number of methods to clear, repair, and/or replace your pipes – quickly and efficiently. Our “A-team” of highly skilled plumbing technicians are trained, certified, and licensed professionals, who take pride in their work. ClearWater Plumbing is one of the top plumbers in Texas, and our reputation for plumbing repair and installation services is outstanding! Check us out on Angie’s list! There’s a reason why 90% of our clients are referrals or returnees – we get the job done right, the first time – every time!


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