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Pipe Bursting

Trenchless Pipe Bursting. What Is It? How Does It Work?

Repairing and replacing your sewer pipelines is difficult and messy work, especially if the lines are buried deep underground. For decades, homeowners have relied on traditional sewer work to complete these projects, only to be shocked and dismayed when the final bills come in. If traditional sewer work is prohibitively expensive, you have other options. One such option is trenchless pipe bursting. The Clearwater Plumbers team is well-versed in this repair method and eager to share its benefits with you.

What Does Trenchless Pipe Bursting Do?
Pipe bursting lets you replace any pipes, whether sewer, water, or gas, without the headache of digging trenches. In the first step, a steel cable is used to hydraulically pull a cone-shaped pipe head through your existing sewer line. This breaks up the old, damaged pipe, making it easier to remove if necessary. While the new head breaks the old pipe apart, a new, seamless high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe is pulled through your sewer line and into place. The new pipe is configured to fit any size sewer line.

The Technology Behind Pipe Bursting
Some homeowners are skeptical of pipe bursting, wondering how plumbers will know what parts of a deeply buried line to access. This is where the innovative technology of pipe bursting comes in. We use special cameras to find the exact location of your sewer line, as well as the specific problems within your line or pipes. Once we’ve found the problems, we dig only 1 or 2 small holes to feed the new pipe through. The process will not tear up your yard or ruin your garden and landscaping. You will not have to pay city fees to dig up your street, and your property will not be left a mess when we’re done.

Other Benefits of Pipe Bursting
In addition to keeping your property neat and clean, pipe bursting saves money. Like trenchless relining, it may cost more than traditional digging at first. In the long run though, you’ll save about 40%. You’ll also save hours of time normally spent on a traditional pipe repair project.

The HDPE pipes used in pipe bursting are much more flexible than those normally used in repair projects. Their seams and joints are far less likely to crack, break, or otherwise fail, saving you time and money on pipe repairs. The flexibility of HDPE pipes also means your water, gas, and sewage will flow more efficiently. Sewage backups and overflow, wasted water, and gas leaks will no longer be concerns.


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