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infrontofshop2Did you ever wonder why there are so few basements in Texas? Unfortunately, a lot of the soil in the great state of Texas is unstable clay soil; and unstable clay soil means that houses in Texas may shift on the land they’re built on. This is why basements are a really bad idea here in Fort Worth, and it’s also why we build our homes on good, solid, concrete “slabs.” However, even when every precaution has been taken – those concrete slabs are prone to leaks for a variety of reasons, through no fault of yours or the builders. There’s no doubt that finding a “slab leak” in your home’s foundation can be a frightening discovery, but this is why ClearWater Plumbing specializes in slab-leak detection and repair! Slab leaks can be tricky to detect. We have state-of-the-art detection leak detection equipment that will pinpoint the place and source of your leak so we can determine which method will work most effectively to repair it. We’d like you to know what some of the signs are that you may be looking at a slab-leak problem:

• If your water bills are unreasonably high and your water meter dial is spinning – there’s either a leak in your plumbing, often somewhere around the toilet area, or – it could be a slab leak.

• If you hear water running, but can’t find the source – it could be a slab leak.

• If you feel a “hot spot” on your floor as you walk across it, it could be a slab leak.

• If cracks in the walls and ceilings suddenly start appearing, it could indicate that the foundation of your home has shifted, which could be caused by a slab leak.

• If you have mildew, moisture, or even water on or under your carpets, it could be a crack in the foundation because of a slab leak.

• If you see cracks or bubbles in your linoleum floors, it could be a slab leak.

• If your water pressure suddenly gets very low, it could be a slab leak.

• If there is an inside drain that continually clogs no matter what you do, it could be that the sewer line pipe under the floor is compromised because of a slab leak.

There are two main options in repairing a slab leak – you can spot repair it, or re-pipe and/or re-route your plumbing. Which one is the best option for you will depend on the age and quality of your plumbing. ClearWater Plumbing’s A-team has highly trained plumbing technicians that specialize in this particular plumbing issue, because it is unique to our part of the country. We can correctly diagnose and locate a slab leak using the most modern technology and equipment in the market today, with a minimum of downtime and property damage. Our company is dedicated to saving you time, money, and a lot of anxiety and stress! We care about your home and we care about you. There’s a reason why 90% of our customers are returnees or referrals – we’ll get the job done right the first time – and every time!


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