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How does your water taste today? Does your hair feel truly clean? What about your glasses and dishes – are you seeing cloudy film after they’ve been through the “extra hot” cycle? If you aren’t enthusiastically positive about your answers, you may want to consider a “water treatment system” for your entire home.

At ClearWater Plumbing we’ve got great resources and good ideas for water treatment systems that will change how you feel – and see – your water! The A-team at ClearWater Plumbing can make sure that the quality of the water coming from your faucets is top-notch, free of the minerals and chemicals that leave deposits and a bad taste in their wake!

Hard Water & Cleaning
Let’s face it, if you’ve got hard water, washing anything in your home – yourself, your dishes, or your dog – just isn’t going to give you that “squeaky clean” feeling when you’re done – no matter what kind of soap you use! Hard water is called “hard” because it has a high amount of minerals in it, and minerals are generally solid substances, which – when dissolved, make water “hard.” Hard water isn’t harmful physically, but it won’t clean your home the way you want it to. Hard water will leave behind mineral deposits and build-up on – and in – everything it touches. A scaly crust forms on everything from faucets to toilet bowls, and inside of plumbing pipes. Calcium build-up inside your pipes can seriously impede – and even block the flow of water into your home entirely!

Hard Water & Your Health
woman sharing filtered & clean waterCrusty mineral deposits and that less-than-clean feeling left by your water are just one issue we deal with in Texas, but what truly bothers people the most about the tap water here is the taste and the smell, with good reason. In order to purify the country’s water supply nowadays, every municipality in the country must add chemicals to the water to make it safe for drinking. “Safe” water isn’t the same as truly “healthy” water, however. Did you know that if you want to have fish in an aquarium, you have to treat your water to neutralize those same chemicals in your tap water – or the fish will die? No matter where you stand on the health-consciousness scale, this should give you pause. Obviously, tap water isn’t what it used to be. There’s a reason why you see people loading cartons or gallon jugs of filtered water into their cars these days; if your water has so many chemicals in it that it’s unhealthy for fish, do you really want to drink it? Why not make sure that the water that flows from your every faucet in your home is both healthy – and tasty! A water filtration system will ensure that your water is free of minerals and chemicals that may have adverse effects on those who are chemically sensitive, and give you water that actually tastes good enough to drink, without spending a fortune on bottled water and messy Brita filters!

Hard Water & Your Water Heater
Your water heater is an essential member of your family; when there’s no hot water – what you have is a grumpy family and no way to clean anything – or anyone – properly. Hard water is the main thing that shortens the lifespan of all water heaters. It’s one of the primary causes of maintenance issues as well. Calcium carbonate and iron build up and then settle in the bottom of your tank, like sand and dirt sink and settle in the bottom of a pool. That mineral sediment cakes the heating elements of your water heater. For gas water heaters, this causes a layer of insulation that slows the heat transfer, and causes the water heater to use more energy. It also shortens the life of your gas water heater. For electric water heaters, the mineral sediment buries the heating elements. This slows down the heat transfer, and causes the elements to burn out, and shortens the life of your electric water heater. Hard water creates a “no-win” situation in terms of the water heater you choose for your home, Whether you chose a gas or an electric water heater, hard water will slow it down, drive your energy costs up, and shorten their lives. A water filtration system in your home will not only keep any kind of any water heater you choose running at peak efficiency, it will bring down your energy costs as well, and that’s a “win-win” situation!

Clearwater Plumbers – The Choice for Residential & Commercial Water Filtration Systems
ClearWater specializes in installing water treatment systems that will ensure the safety of your family and your quality of life. So, whether you need to soften your water or filter it, Clearwater can help you find the right solution, and then take it from there. Jeff and the A-team at ClearWater carry top-of-the-line water filtration systems, and they’ll help you choose the right one for your family. Your entire home – and everyone in it – will have sweet, crystal clean water to enjoy!


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