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Decrease Your Energy Consumption This Season With These Four Simple Tips

Decrease Your Energy Consumption This Season With These Four Simple Tips

Air conditioning can be a large expense, particularly throughout the summer months in Fort Worth, Texas. Even though countless homeowners in this part of the state have most likely started to power on their air conditioning for the season, many may not know the easy ways they can reduce their air conditioning usage and keep their monthly bills affordable this summer. Here are some simple tips to help you in your plight to preserve money while keeping your home’s environment pleasant this season.


Seal All Ducts


If your ducts are unsealed, you might be losing a lot of the cool air your air conditioning system dispenses while it is running. Cool air loss compels your unit to run longer to keep your home’s interior cool. Be sure to look at all your ducts to check for holes. If you discover any gaps, be sure to seal them as quickly as possible with caulk to prevent cold air loss this summer. 


Keep Your Curtains Closed During Sunny Hours


Windows can transfer a large amount of heat into your home due to the influence of the sun’s powerful UV rays. This extra heat can result in a noticeable temperature spike in your home, which will cause your air conditioner to work harder to contend with the rising heat. Be sure to have your blinds closed on the hottest and sunniest times of the day to deter excess heat from infiltrating your home and reduce your air conditioner use. 


Turn On Fans


While fans do not create cold air, they can help it circulate throughout your home. Fans bring hot air out of a space while putting forth colder air at the same time. Even though the air’s temperature doesn’t change, the impact of the fan accelerates airflow and makes the air feel cooler on your skin. Plug in your fans while you have your air conditioner on this summer to facilitate improved air circulation in your home this season. 


Insulate Vents


Though numerous vent systems are not insulated properly, insulating them can help keep cool air inside in a more effective manner. Vent insulation enables the cold air to move within your home to create a more comfortable atmosphere for you and your family.