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Licensed Sewer Line Service in Fort Worth

Your sewer lines play a much more integral role in your plumbing system than you may even realize. Responsible for carrying waste away from your property into the main sewage system, these water lines have to be in superb condition to keep your home’s plumbing running smoothly. When something does go wrong, however, you can trust in the expertise and the training of the staff here at ClearWater Plumbers. Our master plumbing technicians are well equipped to deal with problems as complicated as those involving your sewer system.

For two decades we’ve been offering expert sewer line clearing in addition to exceptional sewer repair and sewer line replacement services. Our knowledgeable team has the cutting-edge diagnostic equipment required to accurately pinpoint whatever your sewer line problem is quickly and accurately. Our use of the newest and cleanest technology helps us to solve your most challenging sewer problems without even disrupting your entire yard. To learn more about these technologies, contact our team. Do what you otter… call ClearWater!

Signs That You Need Sewer Replacement or Repair

There are various reasons that a sewer line can become compromised, particularly in the state of Texas where there are specific soil shifting issues that franchise plumbing companies won’t know how to handle.

Our team has been in the construction and plumbing business in the Fort Worth, TX area since 1971, so we are well–versed in the type of sewer line issues unique to our state. As such, we can confidently share the following signs and symptoms of a failing sewer line with you.

  • Shifts in the level of water in your toilet bowl.
  • Waste backup in two or more toilets in your home.
  • Bathroom plumbing running slow and backing up, i.e. slow drains in your bathtubs and showers.
  • Bubbling and/or backed up drain when you run a nearby sink.
  • Strange reactions such as gurgling noises when the water in your home is turned on and off.
  • Any type of foul smell coming from your toilet or an area of your lawn.

Troubleshooting Sewer Line Problems

When our team comes out to diagnose a sewer line or sewer system issues, we’ll look at the type of soil your home was built on, and whether that soil—or the slab built over it—has shifted or settled. When a shift such as this occurs, seals are loosened and the piping under and around your home can break.

A common misconception is that this only happens in older homes, but in truth it doesn’t matter how recently your house was built. Another factor that contributes to sewer line replacements and sewer line repair needs is the composition of your pipes. Older pipes are often made of materials that begin to corrode and leak around the joints. They can then collapse or become infiltrated with tree roots.

Our team uses a technology called video pipe inspection to diagnose exactly what the problem is, and then we have a number of ways to clear any sewer line blockages that have occurred. Whether you need high–pressure hydro–jetting, sewer line replacement, or trenchless piping which involves no disruption to your home or yard, we’ve got you covered. We get the job done right, the first time—every time. Contact us today to learn more!


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