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Most Common DIY Plumbing Mistakes


Despite recommendations to hire professionals, many people attempt to fix plumbing issues, themselves. While there are situations where a homeowner can make the repair without a professional, it is always safer to hire a plumber, because they can determine the problem and effectively repair it. If you decide to try the plumbing work, yourself, however, here are some of the most common mistakes that people make with DIY plumbing.

Forgetting to Turn Off the Water

Many plumbing tasks involve working with pipes that have constant water flowing through them. The first thing any experienced plumber will do is turn off the water. If you forget to turn off the water, you will make a massive mess, and it will be more difficult to do the repair.

Taking on Jobs Without the Right Tools

If you are not a professional plumber, it is unlikely you will own all the specific tools needed for certain plumbing jobs. Even if you have the right tools, it is often hard to use them correctly without the proper training. Make sure to do extensive research before taking on a plumbing job. You should also invest in a hand auger, basin wrench, and plumber’s wrench.

Using Too Much Drain Cleaner

Many stores sell basic drain cleaner for homeowners to use. It seems like a simple and straightforward task, but many people will use too much. If you use drain cleaner too often, it can do serious damage to your pipes. Try to use natural drain cleaner or a rental drain snake if you are attempting to un-clog a pipe, yourself.

Working Against Building Codes

It is vital to investigate the building codes of your city before you begin a project. Even minor renovations could involve decisions that may go against building codes. Making un-permitted changes can become serious problems, both with city regulations and safety of your home.

Connecting the Wrong Pipes

Your home’s plumbing system involves many different pipes that can be hard to understand without proper training. Many people who attempt to do a plumbing repair accidentally join mismatched pipes, an issue that can cause leaky pipes down the road.

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