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Drain and Sewer Line Repair in Fort Worth

Sooner or later, every homeowner encounters a clogged drain.  If you hire a professional to clear it out, you will usually get a better price if you call someone who specializes in Fort Worth drain and sewer repair, a company with exceptional quality work and technicians who take care of persistent clogged drains on a daily basis.  Most clogs are not due to faulty plumbing but to the slow buildup of solids that your household drains aren’t intended to cope with.

Where Do Most Clogs Happen?

The slow buildup of soapy slime inside a drainpipe, especially at a point of resistance such as a drain assembly, or a sharp bend in the drain cause most clogs.  Only toilets are plumbed to handle solid waste; sinks, bathtubs, showers and laundry room tubs have drains designed to carry away water only.  Hair, grease, soap, food scraps, and general gunk will clog up a drain.  When all of the drains in the house are moving slowly or failing to drain, then the problem is further down the plumbing system in the main drain line going to your septic tank or municipal sewage treatment facility.  What do you do about a severe whole house drain and sewer line problem?  We have some options and can help you make the right choice for your specific problem.

What Drain and Sewer Repair Options are Available Today?

Usually the first question we get from a homeowner with a backed up sewer drain is do you have to dig up my yard?  That is not a simple yes or no answer with the sophisticated technology available to Fort Worth drain and sewer repair plumbing specialists.

That’s because any error in the repair or replacement could cause even more clogging, leaks, or sewage back-up in the future.  When this type of whole-house system clog happens, you will want it fixed fast, fixed properly and you then can take advantage of yearly scheduled drain maintenance programs we offer for every budget.

What Types of Situations Call for Sewer Line Repair & Replacement?

If any of the following things have taken place there is a good chance that you are a candidate for drain pipe and/or sewer line repair or replacement:

  • Broken, cracked or collapsed pipe due to shifting soil, frozen ground, tree root intrusion, natural soil erosion and settling, among other possible causes;
  • Severe grease buildup or a foreign object restricting flow;
  • Corrosion of an older pipe that caused the pipe to break or collapse;
  • A “bellied” pipe where a section of the pipe has sunk due to ground or soil conditions;
  • Joint leaks where the seals between sections of pipe have failed which has allowed water and sewage to escape out.

How Do They Pinpoint The Exact Location and Problem Inside Buried Pipe?

Because of the growing need to offer affordable solutions for residential and commercial customers your Fort Worth drain and sewer repair professional employs sophisticated in-line video inspection camera technology.  The images captured by the camera are transmitted to a device operated by the camera technician. These images are recorded and a radio transmitter on the camera records the location of the drain pipe line and its depth then the appropriate repairs can be properly planned and implemented.  And that usually results in faster and less costly repairs.

Clogged Drain Repair, Sewer Line Repair & Replacement Options

Once your highly skilled Fort Worth drain and sewer repair technician has determined – and you agree – that a sewer line must be repaired or replaced, we discuss with you the best option and explain alternatives to help you make a decision.

  • Traditional Sewer Line Repair/Replacements:  Typically performed using a backhoe to dig up the area surrounding the line to allow easy access to the problem area.  Once the repair is made, the backhoe is used to refill the area. This option may be the only option at times depending on the type of pipe installed, the condition of your pipes, their configuration and layout beneath the ground, and sometimes depending on where you live.
  • Trenchless Pipelining Repair Methods:  Involves making small access holes where the damaged pipe begins and ends; then, pulling a new pipe through the existing pipe laying new pipe. Trenchless repairs cause less damage to yards and driveways than traditional repair methods because only the dirt at the beginning and end of the line is disturbed.

Old sewer lines are generally made from clay, cast iron or plastic. The downside to clay pipe is simply root invasion. As trees mature, their roots grow and find a quick water source — that small crack in your clay pipes.

The main problem with cast iron drain pipe is corrosion. This can cause splits in the pipe as time passes and invasive tree roots can also find these trouble spots and invade the line. If you have plastic piping, the same dangers can occur. Popular in the 1980s, plastic piping can be crushed by force from mature tree roots searching for water.

We clean all types of clogged drains for residential as well as commercial buildings and suggest remedies depending on the nature of your problem.

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