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Water Line Services in Fort Worth

Many homeowners throughout Fort Worth, TX and beyond take their plumbing system for granted. This is understandable, considering that for the most part your plumbing system is out of sight. However, your water lines are what makes it possible to do so many of your daily tasks and chores, so you do want to ensure that you’re aware of changes in the operational effectiveness and efficiency of your system to avoid damage in your home if at all possible.

At ClearWater Plumbers, we ensure that your water lines—including your main water line—are not only expertly installed and serviced so you can expect potable hot and cold water at all times, we also provide water line maintenance to ensure that no unexpected problems crop up. Whether your water line system has a relatively small leak or it has collapsed completely, our expertly trained master plumbers are here to conduct any and all of your water line repair or water line replacement needs. Do what you otter… call ClearWater!

Do You Need Water Line Repair?

Let’s say you go to your restroom to wash your face or brush your teeth in the morning, and you turn on the faucet to discover nothing comes out of it. Of course, you’d know immediately that something is wrong with your main water line or at least somewhere within your plumbing system. It might be local to that fixture in particular, however many times it’s a sign that you need water line repair.

A slow leak is not the only sign that your water line may be compromised. You might find that your water pressure has decreased unexpectedly, or perhaps you’ve observed wet spots in the yard where your water line is located—although it hasn’t rained and your sprinklers haven’t been on. Whether it’s an obvious sign such as this or the problem is more subtle, it’s important to get it checked out by our Fort Worth, TX certified master plumbers.

Signs that a Water Line Replacement is Necessary

There may come a time that your Fort Worth, TX home needs a water line replacement. Unfortunately, it’s not always obvious when you do, as your main water line is buried entirely underground, making visual inspection impossible. Fortunately, however, there are various warning signs you may recognize that signal an issue is present. You just need to know what you’re looking for. Therefore, we’ve provide a few example below of signs that your water line does in fact need replacing.

  • Damp, soggy patches on your lawn: If it hasn’t been raining and you don’t have a broken sprinkler head, but an area of your lawn is wet, your water line could very well be leaking.
  • Mounting water bills: Does it seem like you’re paying more for your water, even though you aren’t using any more than usual? This can be due to the fact that your water line is leaking and wasting water.

If your water line does need replacing, whether your main water line has burst beyond repair or has corroded to the point that it’s useless, we will complete a quality water line replacement for you with the greatest of care.


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