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Preserve the Condition of Your Sump Pump This Season


Keep Your Sump Pump Functioning Optimally This Fall

Your home’s sump pump is located in your basement and is your primary source of protection in the event of flooding or high water. When there is a surplus of rain, your sump pump activates to transfer the water away from your home before it has the chance to cause damage to the foundation. However, it’s common for homeowners to not consider the condition of their sump pump until there is a large-scale problem.

Taking preventative steps to keep your sump pump in good condition is the optimal means of extending its functional life and protecting your home from water damage. Be proactive this fall with the assistance of our list of simple sump pump maintenance tasks to help you preserve your pump throughout the year.

Sump pumps run off of a GFCI electrical connection. Monitor your sump pump closely to ensure the power is flowing into the pump’s circuit effectively. This will help the pump retain energy, so it can activate promptly in case of a flooding emergency.

Movement may cause a sump pump to lean, so it’s essential to continuously check its position. If you notice your sump pump leaning, reposition it to stand straight in an upright position.

Remove any materials or debris that may be causing a blockage within the outlet pipes, which are liable for directing the water from your sump pump to the exterior of your home.

Ensure that the outer pipes are effectively carrying water from the pump at least 15 to 20 feet away from your home’s base.

What to Do If Your Sump Pump Isn’t Working Properly?

If you notice that your sump pump isn’t working correctly, take a look at the following list of potential causes to help you troubleshoot the problem:

  • Look at the circuit breaker to see if a blown fuse has disconnected the sump pump from its power source.
  • If you notice that your sump pump is continuously running, it might be too small. You may need to get a bigger sump pump to handle the rain levels in your area.
  • Check to see if your discharge line has become blocked, which can cause the failure of the sump pump’s system.

For more help with your sump pump and other plumbing needs, talk to one of the professionals at Clearwater Plumbing.

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