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Stylish & Sleek Wall Mount Ledge Sinks Installation


Ledge-type lavatories and sinks are hung from the wall. A bracket is anchored to the studs. "It is best to position and install the bracket so that the top of the lavatory or sink is 30 – to 31-inches above the floor line", says the most referred Fort Worth plumber.

If possible, install the faucet before installing the sink, according to your local Fort Worth plumber, this way it is much easier to reach the nuts on the underside. After installation, there will be little room between the bowl and the rear of the cabinet to manipulate tools.

Self-rimming and metal-rimmed lavatories and sinks are placed on countertops and vanities. Pedestal sinks are deceiving, because the bowl is actually attached to the wall in an above-mentioned manner. The base is generally thought of as cosmetic. Follow our expert plumbing tips:

Plumbing Pro Tip of the Week

Tip #1 Locate, mark, and cut the correct opening on the countertop.

Tip #2 Place the lavatory or sink into the opening and check for proper fit.

Tip #3 Remove the lavatory or sink and correct any error in the opening size.

Tip #4 Apply mastic to the underside of the rim in self-rimming units. If the unit is the rim type, put putty under the rim.

Tip #5 Replace the sink or lavatory, and assemble and tighten the hold-down bolts and/or metal lugs.

Tip #6 Remove excess mastic or putty.

PLUMBING TRADE SECRET: After placing the bowl, install the sink or lavatory drain. Connect your supply lines and turn the water on to test for leaks.