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Silence Those Noisy and Annoying Pipes In The Wall


Follow the noise to get to its source because the nature of the noise will give you a hint about its cause!

According to the most referred Fort Worth plumber, the most common noise heard inside walls is a water hammer, a rattle that occurs when water is turned on or off by a faucet or an appliance, such as a dishwasher or washing machine. The solution, according to your local Fort Worth plumber, is to install a shock absorber, also called an air chamber, which provides a cushion to dampen the water’s movement.

Pipes that rattle and hammer are not only annoying, but they also may eventually come apart at the joints, says the plumbing experts. After a few years, the air chamber may fill with water and lose its ability to soften the water hammer. Draining and refilling the line will replenish the chamber with a cushion of air. Follow these simple tips to stop the noise and prevent possible leaks:

Plumbing Pro Tip of the Week

Tip #1 Shut off the water and drain the line.

Tip #2 Measure the shock absorber to determine how much pipe must be cut out; remember that pipe will be inserted into the absorber at each end.

Tip #3 Cut the pipe with a tubing cutter if possible; otherwise saw carefully with a hacksaw. Make sure to cut straight and use a file to remove any burrs.

Tip #4 On each side of the absorber location, slip a compression nut on the pipe, threaded side toward the absorber, then slip on a ferrule.

Tip #5 On each side of the shock absorber, push the nut over the ferrule and finger-tighten the joint.

Tip #6 Use an adjustable wrench to complete the installation.