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Removing a Plumbing Push-On Fitting


Simply snap the pipe-removal tool over the pipe and press hard!

Plumber Pro Quick Tip

Tip #1 In case you change your mind about what pipe you want where push-on fittings won’t lock you in. You can use a special horseshoe-shaped device to remove the fitting. The device is marketed for the Sharkbite® fittings but will also work for plastic models. Simply snap the pipe-removal tool over the pipe, press it hard against the fitting, and twist out the pipe.

Tip #2 Both metal and plastic push-on fittings, whether T-fittings, couplings, reducers, and all others, can accommodate CPVC, PEX, and copper pipes.

Tip #3 Orange horseshoe pipe-removal tools are available wherever Sharkbite® fittings are sold.

Tip #4 When you work with any pipe, and especially when you work with push-on fittings, be sure to remove any sharp or raised edges on the cut end. Pros might use a reamer, but the average homeowner can use plumber’s cloth or common sandpaper.

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