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Installing A Bolt-On Toilet Seat


Removing toilet seat bolts

Bolt-on toilet seats have been standard installation for just about as long as toilets have been around, according to the experts at ClearWater Plumbers. Replacing a bolt-on unit can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.  The only aggravation it may cause is removing and/or tightening the nuts on the underside of the bowl flange, but that can be accomplished with the right tools found at your local Fort Worth plumbing or hardware store.

Plumbing Pro Tip of the Week

  • If the lid hinge is metal (and for some plastic hinges too), the replacement seat will come with washers to be placed between the hinge and the bowl flange surface.

  • With the washers in place, position the hinge over the holes and insert the bolts through the washers and flange holes.

  • From underneath, twirl on the nuts and tighten them down.

  • You may luck out and be able to tighten the nuts with pliers.

  • You can also replace the nuts with wing nuts of the same size to make the job easier.  If the bolts are in a narrow location making it hard to get your fingers on them, tighten them with a toilet-nut tool.  You can pick one up at most hardware stores.

WHAT CAN GO WRONG:  Tighten the nuts securely with pliers but do not overtighten or you’ll crack the porcelain.  The seat should not slide from side to side.