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Reverse Osmosis Filtration Units Routine Maintenance Tips


Removing impurities from your water

According to the most referred Fort Worth plumber, reverse osmosis filtration units do a very good job of removing impurities from all kinds of water.  But they are more complicated than simple charcoal filters and require routine maintenance to work properly.  This is not difficult, says your Fort Worth plumbing experts, but it can be made difficult if you locate the components in difficult-to-reach spots.

The manufacturers' instructions should explain the best arrangement. But if they don’t, the product literature will explain what parts have to be replaced at what intervals.  Just install everything so you can make the switch.

Plumbing Pro Tips to Share

Tip #1  Different units can be installed in different ways.  But they usually have a similar approach.  First, you attach the filter unit to the side of the sink cabinet.  Then you attach the water lines to the filter and the faucet to the sink.

Tip #2  Attach the supply tube from the filter to the separate filter faucet.  Then set the storage tank in the corner of the cabinet, and attach the hose from the filter unit.  These hose fittings are usually designed to be finger-tightened.

Tip #3  Attach the waste line from the filter to the waste pipe under the sink, using a saddle valve.  First drill a hole in the waste pipe; then attach the saddle valve so the waste tube opening falls over the hole in the waste pipe.

Not every plumbing need, needs a plumber!