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Signs You May Have A Slab Leak


Signs of a slab leak

The risk of not doing anything concerning your foundation leak is that your family home will likely be moist and develop mold. You will be getting little water pressure and your water bills may be sky-high. The risk is never making the repair in the first place, says the Fort Worth plumbing experts.

What if…?

  1. You observe water leaking from the foundation (handle immediately!);
  2. You hear water running when all faucets are turned off;
  3. You notice a sudden spike in your water bill;
  4. You can feel heat from a hot water line through the floor;
  5. You have developed a slab leak in the past;
  6. Your neighbors have developed slab leaks.

Copper and PEX Re-piping

The top choice is known as copper re-piping. Repiping is when you essentially remake each of the pipes in the home separate from the soft copper piping that’s buried inside the foundation. A totally new network of water lines is set up in the home inside the wall surfaces and ceilings, that forever bypasses the previous slab piping.

Hazards of slab leaks

The truth is, more often than not, according to your local Fort Worth plumbing experts, once you fix an individual leak, a fresh one occurs within a weeks time. The possible risk of the “epoxy lining methodology” may be the epoxy itself can become a concern with your family’s health. The ultimate procedure would be to do a repiping procedure. Very little risk is involved with copper or PEX re-piping.

PLUMBING TRADE SECRETS:  The jackhammer path is the least favorable solution.  It’s just a remarkably disruptive procedure in which a crew will come in and take off the floor and then jackhammer through the concrete to locate the pipe. A portion from the water pipe surrounding the leak is taken off and fixed with new pipe.

Not every plumbing need, needs a plumber!

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