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Pipe Repairs Require Special Skills

common pipe repair

Temporary pipe repair

If a pipe suddenly springs a leak, you may be able to make a temporary repair before an expert Fort Worth plumber arrives.  Usually, this can be accomplished by wrapping the pipe tightly with the electrician’s tape.  A more permanent repair must be made as soon as possible.

If a pipe clamp does not solve the problem, you will need to remove and replace sections of pipe, and possibly fittings as well.  A certain level of skill is necessary to cut, assemble, and join copper, steel, and plastic pipe, as well as how to make repairs to cast-iron pipe.  In addition to other skills, the homeowner must be confident if he or she is determined to make their own plumbing repairs repairing and replacing valves, quieting noisy pipes, and thawing frozen pipes.

Pipe repair can be time-consuming, especially if the pipes are hard to reach.  You may spend more time cutting into and patching walls than working on the plumbing.  Many people also find the bulk of time spent on a home plumbing repair is actually used for shopping rather than doing the plumbing.  Minimize trips to the Fort Worth plumbing supply or home improvement store with careful planning.  List and buy everything that you may possibly need.  Don’t be afraid of buying too much; you can always return items you don’t use.