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Reduce High Water Pressure To Save Water


Temperature and pressure relief valves

Although the most important consideration in installing a pressure-reduction valve is to reduce high water pressure, a hidden benefit in installing one is water savings, says the most referred Clearwater plumbing specialists.

A faucet that runs for ten minutes at 100 PSI delivers 45 gallons of water.  At 50 PSI, that volume is cut to 30 gallons.  You will still have plenty of water for your needs – without wasting it – at reasonably strong pressure.

Temperature and pressure relief valves, usually called T&P valves, release water from a water heater when the temperature and pressure inside the tank become dangerously high.  This usually happens when a thermostat sticks and won’t shut off.

People die from water heater explosions every year caused by defective (or missing) T&P valves. 

Here are some tips about your T&P valve:

Plumbing Pro Tips To Share

Tip #1  Wrap pipe-thread sealing tape around the threads of the new valve, and tighten the valve into the heater.

Tip #2  To test the T&P valve after installation, lift the release lever until water shoots through the overflow tube.

PLUMBING TRADE SECRETS:  Pressure-reduction valves are adjustable.  Thread the adjustment screw up or down, then tighten the locknut.

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