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Troubleshooting Your Sink’s Produce Sprayer


During the spring season there are plenty of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables to begin shopping for. As you prepare for the summer weather and are inspired to eat better, you might start looking at Farmer’s Markets for fresh produce to use for various healthy eating recipes. However, you are going to need a place to clean all of this fresh produce and that is where the sprayer hose in your sink comes in handy.

Most kitchen sinks are equipped with a produce sprayer or sprayer hose that is designed to spray off dirt and particles from produce, act as a bit of a pressure wash for really messy dishes, and clean the edges of your sink. When this very useful attachment for your sink is not working – you really notice it.

Here is a list of some of the troubles you might have with your sprayer hose and how to fix them:

Hose gets stuck. When you grab the handle of your sprayer and pull, but the hose does not let out you know that it’s stuck. Further investigation under your sink might reveal that it is getting caught on something. It is likely that the something it is getting caught on is the pipes and shut off valves that are under your sink. To eliminate this problem you can take some regular pipe insulation and wrap it around your pipes and valves and tape it into place. This will smooth out the path for the sprayer hose to go and eliminate the chances of it getting stuck

Water is not coming out right. The head of the sprayer can easily get corroded with mineral deposits and even small particles of food and dirt. This corrosion will clog the holes that the water comes out of and cause the spray to be uneven and inefficient. To fix this problem you can soak the spray nozzle in a bowl of water and vinegar to remove the corrosion.

Leaking. If the hose of your sprayer is cracked and leaking you can easily replace the hose. If the leak is coming from elsewhere you will need to determine where the leak is coming from to devise a plan to fix it. A leaking sprayer hose can significantly contribute to a higher water bill, so it’s important to get this looked at soon.

Keeping your sprayer hose in top working order can make chores in the kitchen much easier. Any leaking will add to a higher bill just like a leaking pipe so it’s important to keep an eye on this. Follow these tips to keep your sprayer hose working year around.

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