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Consider These Hot Plumbing Trends for 2021


If you are thinking of taking your home plumbing to the next level this year, several new technologies are available to increase the functionality of your home and the value of your property. Everyone loves new gadgets and technology, and improving your plumbing combines function and flair to give your home unique qualities that your family will love. Consider incorporating some of these plumbing trends into your home this year.

  • Tankless water heaters. This technology has been around for a while now, and it is catching on more every year. Tankless water heaters save space, conserve energy, and provide an endless supply of hot water for your family.
  • Touch-free faucets. We are used to seeing these faucets in public facilities, but they are becoming increasingly popular at home, as well. These faucets are easier to keep clean and free up your hands for your grooming tasks.
  • Motion-sensing toilet lids with LEDs. This modern convenience lights the way when you need to use the facilities in the middle of the night. Instead of shocking your system by turning on the bright bathroom lights, a motion-sensing toilet seat provides more soothing light while you are in the bathroom and helps you get back to sleep sooner.
  • Outdoor cold and hot water hydrants. Many homeowners have wondered for years why they only have access to cold water outside. There are many ways to use hot water when you’re working outdoors, and these new faucets allow you to choose hot or cold water. They also help to prevent frozen and busted pipes in the winter months.

If you are thinking of upgrading some of your plumbing features this year, you will need the help of a skilled plumber. Clearwater Plumbers has a reputation for excellent work and superior customer service. Call us today at (817) 587-0080 to schedule an appointment.

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