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Why You Should Have Your Drains Professionally Cleaned


Professional drain cleanings are one of the top ways to keep your sinks in like-new condition. The professionals at Clearwater Plumbers have the knowledge and the expertise to remove the clog from your drain and return your pipes to working order. Here’s a look at some of the reasons a professional drain cleaning is a great idea.

Safer Than Doing It Yourself

Bringing in the professionals means you can sit back and relax, knowing that the job will be done the right way. DIY plumbing repair can turn messy, leading to broken pipes and corrosion. The chemicals that you purchase in the store can eat through both the clog and the pipes, resulting in major damage. Professionals like Clearwater Plumbing have the tools and the knowledge to clean your pipes with no damage to the system. We can remove the clog, preventing future problems and erosion of the pipes in your home.

Locate Problem Areas

When the professionals head into your drains for a cleaning, we also take note of any problem areas along the way. We can check for corrosion, rust, wear and tear, or even small cracks in the structure of the pipes.

Prevent More Clogs

Professional cleanings remove everything from the inside of your pipes. Commercial drain cleaners may only make a hole through the buildup, but a professional plumber with a snake can clear out everything, freeing up the flow of water. This helps prevent more clogs from forming in the future.

The Use of Drain Cleaner

Professional plumbers do not use drain cleaning chemicals. Instead, they use environmentally friendly options such as a snake to remove these extra mineral deposits from your pipes. Drain cleaning chemicals do not stop at the clog. Instead, they eventually eat through the surface of the pipes, making them dangerous to use.

If you are looking to have your drains professionally cleaned, avoid the temptation of a quick-fix store-bought solution. Instead, give us a call today. We can snake and clean your drains and pipes, getting you back to the highest quality water flow – and we’re can do it almost as quickly as a chemical drain cleaner, but with a lot less trauma to your system.

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