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Signs of Sewer Line Problems this Winter


Winter could bring problems with your sewer line at your Fort Worth, Texas, house.  Sometimes problems with a home sewer line can happen right away and become an emergency during the cold winter months.  To avoid a plumbing emergency with your sewer line, consider preventative maintenance to get your drains cleaned and sewer line inspected.

  • If you notice the odor of sewage in your home or around the outside of your home, then you have a sewer line problem. You may have a clog or a break in the main sewer line that is leaking into your yard or home.  Get your plumbing inspected right away to avoid costly repairs.
  • Slow drains are an indicator that you have a clog or break in your sewer line. You can identify if it is a problem with your main line when more than one of your drains is slow or gurgles when other pipes are active.
  • If there is a backup of sewage in your home, then you have a problem with a clogged sewer line. Clearing your pipes and main sewer line will help you solve the problem of sewage backing up into your home.  When this happens, it is an emergency because sewage is a hazard to your household, and your home can not function properly when your pipes back up into your home.
  • Mold or mildew are sometimes indicators of a broken sewer or water line. You may also notice cracks or damage around the foundation of your home or at the base of your walls.
  • If you notice that your yard in Fort Worth looks odd during the winter months, then you may have a burst sewer line. If there is an odor coming from your yard, or it is exceptionally soggy, then your sewer pipe may be leaking into your lawn.
  • A broken sewer line may bring more rodents or bugs to your yard or home. If you notice more pests in your yard or trying to get into your home, this is an indicator of a potential problem with your sewer line.
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