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Tips to Keep Hair Out of the Drain


One of the most common reasons for clogged showers in Fort Worth, TX, is hair in the drain. By the time the clog is significant enough to cause noticeable changes in your drain’s effectiveness, it is often extensive and difficult to remove. That’s why it’s usually best to employ strategies to prevent those clogs from occurring in the first place. Here are a few tips to keep hair out of your shower drain.

Reduce the Amount of Hair

One of the most effective ways to prevent clogs from forming is simply reducing the amount of hair that ends up in your shower drain. There are a couple of ways to do this. For starters, brushing your hair before showering is a good way to get rid of loose hair. Any additional hairs that fall out while showering often will first stick to your hands or the bottom of the tub. Putting these aside and throwing them away after your shower instead of letting them flow down the drain is a great solution.

Cover Your Drain

Most people have some form of the drain cover, but these are not always appropriately sized or fitted to be effective. Each drain is shaped and designed differently, and the best cover for it will vary depending on your unique model.

Clean Your Drains in a Safe Way

While chemical drain cleaners can be highly damaging and unsafe, there are plenty of alternatives to clean your drains routinely. One efficient, simple method is to flush your plumbing. You can achieve this by filling up all of your tubs and sinks with hot water and then allowing it to all go down the drain at the same time. This helps to break up clogs by the sheer force of the water.

If you’ve already developed clogs in your shower, it may be time to call in a professional for assistance. The team at ClearWater Plumbers can help with all of your drain maintenance needs. To get started, contact us online.

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