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Plumbing Problems to Avoid This Spring


The snow is melting (yes, in Texas :)), flower buds are poking through, and winter jackets are going back into the closet. This can only mean one thing. Spring is here! Spring is the perfect time to enjoy the emerging beauty that nature has to offer. Spring is also the best time to get a jumpstart on any potential plumbing problems that you might have. When it comes to maintaining your plumbing, knowing what to look out for can make a huge difference.

How To Spot Plumbing Issues

In the winter months, we are home more. We are hosting holiday events, and we tend to have more guests over. All these extra people can lead to unexpectedly clogged drains. Unsavory things such as extra food scraps, grease, hair, and who knows what else can lead to a backup in your drainage. 

Another element to keep an eye on is leaky or cracked pipes. If you find a leaky pipe, this doesn’t mean the line has burst, but it does mean that it needs a little attention. This could be as simple as using plumbing tape to reseal certain elements, or you may need the help of a professional. If you notice your water pressure seems low, this can be another sign of potential damage to your plumbing. Don’t settle for less than what your plumbing should offer. What could seem a minor inconvenience could truly be a real issue. 

Contact The Plumbing Experts

Spring is such a relief following those long winter months. The outdoors is enjoyable, the garden is waiting to be replanted, and your home is essentially all yours again. It is essential to take care of any of these issues while they are still small. If you notice any of these issues, please don’t hesitate to give Clearwater Plumbing a call!

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