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7 Signs That You Need a New Garbage Disposal


Your garbage disposal is one of the most important tools in your home, but it can be a huge pain if it starts to malfunction. If this happens, it will take longer to wash dishes or clean up spills. You’ll find yourself doing more work than usual to get rid of excess garbage. And you could even end up with a clogged drain that causes serious leaks and water damage to your home. 

The following signs indicate that you should replace your garbage disposal:

  1. The grinding sound is louder than usual when running water. If you hear a loud noise when running water, your garbage disposal might be jammed.
  2. You notice an unpleasant odor coming from below the sink.  If you start to notice a foul odor emitting from the sink, this can indicate that your garbage disposal is deteriorating.
  3. The drain line gets clogged easily and overflows.  If you notice that the drain line starts to get clogged more often than usual, this suggests a faulty or malfunctioning garbage disposal.
  4. You find it difficult to turn on the garbage disposal and switch it off.  If the switch is difficult to turn on or off, your garbage disposal may be damaged or struggling to function properly.
  5. It becomes more challenging to dispose of food waste.  If you find yourself having a hard time disposing of food waste, this could be a clue that the motor is overheating or starting to lose its strength.
  6. The disposal starts to leak water from the bottom.  If you notice that water is leaking from the bottom of your garbage disposal, the seal may be damaged and require replacement.
  7. It stops working altogether. If the garbage disposal no longer turns on at all, this could mean that it’s officially run its course.

If you have more questions on the functionality of your garbage disposal, contact ClearWater Plumbers to assess the situation.

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