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Should I Receive a Video Pipe Inspection


When your pipes are damaged, it’s important that your repair professional gets a clear look at what’s wrong. However, when damage occurs deep within your pipes, it’s impossible for it to be directly examined. That’s why video pipe inspections were created. 

At ClearWater Plumbers, we provide thorough video pipe inspections to our clients. 

Why Would I Need to Receive a Video Pipe Inspection?

The primary purpose of a video pipe inspection is to examine and diagnose any issues within your pipes. Using a video camera, it’s possible for your plumber to see deep within an underground piping system. Once these remote sections are in view, it’s far simpler for a clog or other type of damage to be repaired. 

If there’s an obstruction somewhere within your pipes, but you aren’t sure where, video pipe inspections will allow your plumber to find the exact location of the clog. 

In other cases, video pipe inspections may be used as a form of routine maintenance. They can allow a professional to make sure your pipes are in working order. If there’s anything concerning, the issue can be fixed before it devolves into a more serious problem, like a clog or burst pipe. 

The Top Advantages of a Video Pipe Inspection

There are numerous benefits to video pipe inspections. To begin, your plumber doesn’t need to dig into your pipes. Instead, by using a camera, the issue can be easily pinpointed. If the plumber does need to dig, they’ll only excavate the specific area that is damaged. 

With video pipe inspections, the disruption to the client’s property can be minimized. This can also mean less money spent on plumbing repairs and less work for your plumber. 

Video Pipe Inspection by ClearWater Plumbers

The experts at ClearWater Plumbers provide video pipe inspections to property owners in the Fort Worth, TX area. You can find additional information on our website, or you can reach out to our plumbers today. 

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