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Sewer Lines! A sewer line malfunction is one of a homeowner’s worst nightmares! Your sewer line does a dirty – but vitally important – job. When something goes wrong you need both prompt and dependable service. You also need a truly experienced master plumber that knows how to deal with a problem as complicated as a sewer system repair!

ClearWater Plumbing’s master plumbing technicians offer expert sewer line clearing, plus, they can repair, and/or replace any kind of pipe as well! Our A-team has the kind of cutting-edge diagnostic equipment that can pinpoint the problem quickly. We use the newest and cleanest technology to solve your toughest sewer problems quickly and efficiently, without digging up your entire yard! Sometimes what is actually a sewer line blockage masquerades as a drain problem first. Here are some signs and signals to watch for:

• If there are shifts in the level of water in your toilet bowl; for example, it’s very low in the morning, but very high in the evening, then this could be a sign of a failing sewer system.
• If you have more than one toilet and they both back up at the same time, it’s could be a sign that the problem is in your sewer line, not the toilets. If you have only one toilet in your home and it backs up for no apparent reason, it may still be the sewer line.
• If the toilet as well as most of the drains related to the bathrooms, such as tubs and showers, runs slow or starts backing up, then it’s likely to be in your sewer line.
• If you run water into a sink and it either bubbles, or it comes up in another drain somewhere close, then it’s could be a sewer line problem.
• If there are strange reactions when you use the water in your home, gurgling and other sounds when the water is turned off an on, then there may be a sewer line issue in the making.
• If there is any kind of foul smell coming from either your toilet, or some area of your yard, then a sewer issue is definitely happening.

clearwater 2There are many reasons why a sewer line becomes compromised, and that’s why a company that’s home-grown in the state of Texas has an advantage over a franchise. Texas is subject to specific soil shifting issues that don’t affect other parts of the country. Because ClearWater plumbing has been in the construction and plumbing business here in the Fort Worth area since 1971, we’ve got a good handle on the kind of sewer line issues that are unique to Texas, and how to fix them.

When we look at a failing sewer system we look at what kind of soil the home was built on, and whether that soil, or the slab built over it, has shifted or settled. This is what loosens seals and can ultimately break the pipes under and around your home. In cases like this, it often doesn’t matter how old the home is, or how recently it was built! In other cases, the composition of the pipes is the problem. Older pipes made of materials that corrode may start to leak around the joints, collapse, or become infiltrated with tree roots. When a pipe is leaking it will soak the entire area around the pipe, and that can cause entire sections of the pipe to collapse.

We use video camera inspection to pinpoint where your lines are blocked or what may be happening to your pipes; most of what’s going on can’t be seen because it’s underground or in walls. We have a number of ways to clear blockages, such as high-pressure water jetting, and more advanced snaking techniques. We can also have the new trenchless repair technique. This means we can repair your pipes by re-lining them, which essentially creates an entirely new piping system within your old pipes – without having to tear up your yard or sidewalk! Whatever it is – and whatever it takes – we can give you a sewer system that’s not just repaired, it’s actually better than new! Our A-team is committed to give you outstanding service and the very best in plumbing repair and installation services. There’s a reason why 90% of our clients are referrals or returnees – we get the job done right, the first time – every time!


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