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4 Symptoms of Bad Plumbing


Plumbing trouble

No two plumbing jobs are ever alike, says the Fort Worth plumbing leader. Your own plumbing troubles will probably differ from the ones presented in this article.  Whether you need to replace all the water supply pipes and drain pipes for a bathroom or in another part of your house, we have gathered 4 symptoms that your plumbing is bad and needs attention.

Rust stains

When you discover rust stains on the surfaces of toilet bowls and sinks it may indicate severe corrosion inside iron supply pipes.  This symptom generally means your water supply system is likely to fail in the near future.

NOTE:  Rust stains can also be caused by a water heater problem or by a water supply with a high mineral content.  Check for these problems before assuming your pipes are bad.

Low pressure

Low water pressure at fixtures suggests that the supply pipes either are badly clogged with rust and mineral deposits or are undersized.  To measure water pressure, plug the fixture drain and open the faucets for 30 seconds.  Measure the amount of water and multiply by 2; this figure is the gallons-per-minute rating.  Vanity faucets should supply 1 3/4 gpm; bathtub faucets, 6 gpm; kitchen sink faucets, 4 1/2 gpm.

Slow drains

When you experience slow or sluggish drains throughout the house it may indicate that DWV (drain, waste, vent) pipes are badly clogged with rust and mineral deposits.  When a fixture faucet is opened fully with the drains unstopped, water should not collect in tubs and basins.

NOTE:  Slow drains may also be the result of inadequate venting.  Check for this problem before assuming the drain pipes are bad.

Clogged floor drains

Backed-up floor drains indicate that the main sewer service to the street is clogged.  If you have this problem regularly, have the main sewer lines evaluated by your local Fort Worth trusted plumber before you replace your house plumbing.  Your reliable plumber of Fort Worth will be able to determine if your sewer problem is a temporary clog or a more serious problem that requires major work.

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