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4 Plumbing Issues Caused By Storms


April showers might bring May flowers, but they can also cause a lot of plumbing problems. Texas is no stranger to spring storms, which means the state is also no stranger to storm-related plumbing issues. Here are a few ways that nasty weather can create issues with our water supply.

Broken Pipes

Whether the result of strong rain and wind or pipes freezing and bursting, broken pipes are a real danger during a storm. This is usually because of a serious buildup of water, which is too much for the pipes to handle. It could also be due to shifting dirt and rocks that can crack an underground pipe. 

Clogs and Blocks

In a storm, it’s not just water that gets carried into drain pipes. Leaves, rocks, dirt, sticks, and more can all end up being carried into the sewers, and too much of it can create a blockage that stops the water flow. This can lead to a pipe leak or burst, which can cause further damage to your property.


As a result of debris getting into the pipes through underground leaks or sewage clogs, it can contaminate your water supply. If you notice that your water is discolored, gritty, foul-smelling, or otherwise undrinkable, you need to turn off your water supply and get help right away. 


When there’s too much water to get into the pipes or if the pipes themselves have burst, then you could be looking at a flooded basement or crawlspace. Basement floods can damage your home’s foundation, spread dangerous mold, and cost you a lot of money in repairs.

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