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Keep Your Home Summertime Water-Efficient


The summer months are the time of the year when most households are the most active. In fact, many families reserve any type of family vacation or time away from home to the summer months. This is typically because the weather during the summer months makes it easier to travel and more comfortable to be outside.

However, the hot weather also means making staying cooled off a priority. And, if you are planning any kind of backyard barbecue or pool party during your time at home – it is important to be thoughtful of how much water you are using.

Not only does outdoor water play require more water, but all of the extra activity around the house during the summer months requires the use of more water. Things like washing extra dishes after hosting an outdoor barbecue and washing extra laundry during the time between vacations or road trips. All of this requires using more water around your home.

Some ways that you can reduce the amount of water and power you are using during the summer months include:

  • Installing a tankless water heater. A tankless water heating system works to heat the water as it moves through the pipes to the faucet or fixture – rather than keeping a tankful of water heated to a specific temperature all the time. This makes tankless water heating systems far more energy-efficient.
  • Installing low-flow fixtures or appliances. The amount of money saved on water in one year of using low-flow plumbing accessories will pay for the initial cost of installing them. This is a significant benefit because you can make your purchase knowing that you are going to get the money back.
  • Installing an energy star washing machine. The extra laundry that you will do during the summer months can cause large water and power bills. If you are in the market for a new washing machine anyway – why not invest in an energy star model and reduce the impact that your home has on the planet?

While it might not seem like a big deal – using extra water often means using more power. And, these two together can have a significant impact on your monthly budget. In fact, many households will see an increase of more than 40% in their water usage. Follow these tips to keep your water usage minimized this summer!

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