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Are You Ready For The Extra Laundry This Summer?


With the summer months just around the corner, most of us want to be focused on fun summer activities.

These last few weeks of spring are at the perfect time to make sure that your backyard is ready to host barbecues.  Also, to make sure that your garage is clean and organized so you can easily find your gardening equipment.

This is also the perfect time to make sure that you are following proper maintenance behaviors to keep your plumbing system in top condition.  No one wants to move their attention and time away from fun in the sun to focus on a plumbing disaster.

To avoid this make sure to follow these simple plumbing maintenance tips and keep your plumbing system working great all summer long:

Garbage disposal.  Your garbage disposal is a very important appliance in your kitchen.  It helps to make food prep and clean-up a breeze.  However, it is also a very sensitive system and must be used properly.  Make sure you are not putting items in the disposal like potato peels, large amounts of meat, or corn on the cob husks as all of these items will quickly clog your kitchen sink.

Bathroom toilet.  With the kids home from school during the summer months, the plumbing in your bathroom is used much more often. This makes it very important to keep an eye on the toilet in your home to ensure there aren’t any overflows.  Make sure your family knows not to flush items like Q-tips, baby wipes, or cotton balls down the toilet

Washing machine. You may notice that during the summer months the amount of laundry that you do greatly increases.  This is partly due to kids being home from school and using more beach towels and extra clothes outside. Make sure that your washing machine is up to the task by paying close attention to the filter inside of your machine tub.

Before the summer season is officially upon us, make sure to add these maintenance tips to your list of daily tasks and keep your plumbing system in top working order so you can enjoy your time outdoors with family.

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