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Should You DIY Your Plumbing Problem?


Clogs are a common issue in some households. Sometimes sewer clogs stem from inefficient piping, roots infiltrating the system, or flushing the wrong items. In most situations, it is safer for your pipes and home to hire a professional to handle a clog instead of a do-it-yourself (DIY) job. You may think a plumbing clog is a simple fix, but here are three examples of things that can go awry.

Harsh Chemicals Harm Your System

Pouring over-the-counter cleaners and de-cloggers down your drain may seem like it solved the problem, but this is only a temporary fix that can do more harm than good. Drain cleaners have high toxicity levels, with fumes that are dangerous to inhale. They can damage your pipes with strong hydrochloric acid, removing important enamel and burn through your pipes as it sits in them. They’re also bad for the environment, and may not even work! Call in a professional to clear out stubborn clogs with methods that are safe for your pipes and your home.

Tree Roots Invade Your Pipes

If your plumbing pipes have even the smallest cracks or separations, they can leak moisture and attract nearby tree roots. Toilet and drain clogs stemming from roots in your pipes will not go away with any type of DIY fix. Instead, you must hire a plumber in Fort Worth to find the exact area where the roots have infiltrated, get rid of the major clog, and implement appropriate solutions to prevent the same issue from occurring again in the future.

Your Pipes Burst

In worst-case scenarios, DIY plumbing “solutions” can cause older pipes to crack and burst. This could lead to a plumbing emergency in which your home is at risk of a flood. Burst pipes can lead to severe water damage, mold growth, and an unsanitary home. ClearWater Plumbers offers emergency repair services 24/7 year-round. We’ll come to your location fast and save your home from any type of plumbing crisis.

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