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5 Features to Know Before Maintaining Your Plumbing System


If you plan on performing some routine maintenance on your plumbing system, there are certain features you should know before you begin. As a new homeowner or first-time DIY plumber, here are five elements you should learn for successful plumbing maintenance.

Water Main Valve

One of the most important features to familiarize yourself with is the water main shut-off valve. Every home has a water main valve installed during construction. This valve controls the flow of water through your home. Knowing where the water main valve is and how to turn it off can be critical in the event of a plumbing emergency, such as flooding.

Cut-Off Valves

These valves are similar to the water main valve in that they shut off water flow. Cut-off valves do not control water to your entire home, but rather to one fixture. Cut-off valves are handy when you need to work on a sink or a toilet, and you don’t want water flowing during repairs.

Hot Water, Electric, and Gas Valves

These valves control certain appliances, and are useful during certain repairs. They control the flow of gas, electricity, and hot water through your home. It is good to know where these valves are located if you smell gas in your home, or if you need to alter the temperature of your hot water.

Water Meter

Checking your water meter regularly will tell you detailed information about your water usage. For example, if your pipes spring a hidden leak, you may notice a sudden increase in your water consumption by looking at your meter. Your meter lets you monitor water usage and save money on future utility bills.

Water Pressure Regulator

Knowing where your water pressure regulator is can help if your water flow is too weak or strong. The regulator allows you to adjust your pressure according to your needs. Remember, ClearWater Plumbers is available to inspect your plumbing system in Fort Worth, Texas.

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