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Avoiding Slab Leaks in Fort Worth


Tips for Avoiding Costly Slab Leaks in Fort Worth

Slab leaks are a major concern in Fort Worth, Texas. The land in our area of the state features a large amount of clay – a substance that shifts, expands, and contracts over time. If you’re concerned about the soil makeup on your property, take a few steps to reduce the likelihood of a slab leak.

5 Ways to Avoid a Slab Leak

Property owners can’t eliminate the risk of a slab leak, but they can control it. Keep these tips in mind to keep a slab leak from causing damage in your home:

  1. Schedule routine plumbing inspections. At ClearWater Plumbers, we handle slab leak work across the Fort Worth area. We can identify warning signs, use advanced detection equipment to monitor the situation, and provide repairs when necessary. Work with us preventatively to avoid major foundation problems in the future.
  2. Monitor your water bills. Compare your annual water spend from year to year. If you notice any anomalies, you may have a slow leak that needs repairing.
  3. Avoid pouring harsh chemicals down your drains. Drain clearing chemicals and other substances can weaken pipes and increase the likelihood of a slab leak. Use environmentally friendly solutions or call a plumber if you encounter a troublesome drain clog.
  4. Regulate pressure according to pipe capacity. Companies manufacture pipes to handle water at certain pressure levels. Avoid trying to force too much pressure through your plumbing system. Our plumbers can help you adjust your pressure levels for both comfort and slab leak prevention.
  5. Invest in drain cleaning services. Hydrojetting and other drain cleaning services can keep your pipes open and performing well. Clear pipes are less likely to develop blockages, weaknesses, and leaks. Pipe health is crucial in the prevention of slab leaks.

Our team specializes in slab leak repairs. We can diagnose the issue and help you find the right solution based on your home and your budget. For more information on slab leaks in Fort Worth, call (817) 587-0080.


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