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How to Prepare Your Plumbing for Holiday Home Traffic


Don’t let a plumbing emergency drain the fun out of your party. If you already know you’re hosting Halloween parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and/or other holiday events this season, prep your plumbing in plenty of time to avoid major pipe-related emergencies. The sooner you tackle plumbing maintenance and repairs, the sooner you can have peace of mind about influxes in traffic through your home in the coming months.

Post a Sign

Don’t be afraid to let houseguests know about your goal of a clog-free holiday season. Post a note in the bathroom asking guests not to flush items that commonly cause clogs, such as feminine products, disposable wipes and diapers, cotton balls, or hair. This is especially a good idea if you’ve had clogging issues in the past. Keep a plunger handy for your guests to use in case someone decides to ignore your sign and flush the wrong thing.

Repair Pipe Problems

Now is a great time to invest in plumbing repairs you’ve been putting off – before an influx of house guests wreaks further havoc on your pipes and turns a minor problem into a major one. If you know your pipes could use some repairs, take steps to improve their performance. Call ClearWater Plumbers for expert repairs and replacements in time for the fall and winter holidays.

Locate Your Water Main

Just in case you end up with a serious leak or burst pipe in your home during a holiday party, know the location of your water main shut-off valve ahead of time. That way, you can quickly shut off your water in the event of an emergency. Keep our phone number on speed dial in case you need emergency repairs in the middle of your holiday party.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance

One of the most important things you can do for your home’s plumbing around the holidays is scheduling preventative maintenance with ClearWater Plumbers of Fort Worth, Texas. We’ll inspect your pipes, detect signs of potential problems, recommend repairs as necessary, and give your pipes a thorough cleaning in preparation for more waste than usual. An inspection from us can help you welcome holiday guests with plumbing peace of mind. Schedule your services today.


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