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Prepare Your Home’s Exterior for Fall Weather


As the temperatures gradually start to decline in Fort Worth, Texas, homeowners should make a point to complete some essential fall plumbing tasks to reduce the chances of problems emerging later. Fall plumbing tasks not only get the home prepared for the onset of colder weather, but they can reduce the likelihood of holiday plumbing issues arising throughout the season as well. Take a look at our index of fall plumbing tips to help you prep your home for all that’s yet to come this autumn and winter.

Turn Off the Valves of All Exterior Faucets

One of the fundamentals of proper home plumbing basics is knowing where your water shut-off valve is located. Be sure that you utilize these valves to deactivate your outdoor faucets. If you don’t have these valves, check to ensure that your spigots aren’t dripping or leaking any water.

Clean Your Gutters

Before the fall is over, you will definitely want to be sure that your home’s gutters are clean and clear of any sticks, leaves, or debris. Doing so will ensure that your gutter system is prepared to transfer rain away from the foundation of your home, which will help you avoid a host of problems that tend to emerge in the event of water damage. If your gutter system runs through your garage, be sure that there are no fissures or leaks that may drip water.

Keep in mind that your water heater will be working overtime during the colder seasons of the year, so taking preventative steps to preserve its condition now is a vital part of keeping it running throughout the season. Before it gets chillier, check up on your water heater to ensure that it’s clean and free of debris. This involves doing a flush to eliminate collected sediment that may have built up at the bottom of the water heater.

Check and Clean Your Sump Pump

Just like with your hot water heater, check and clean your sump pump to make sure it is prepared and functioning accordingly. Check to make sure the pump’s discharge line is clear to keep your home safe in the event of a flood.

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