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ClearWater Plumbers | How You Know You Need a New Water Heater


How You Know You Need a New Water Heater

Regular maintenance is recommended to ensure your water heater is in its best condition, but there comes a time when it needs to be replaced. Water heaters provide an essential service you may overlook until it’s not bringing you enough hot water to finish your shower in comfort. Here are some telltale signs that you should consider a new water heater.

It Hasn’t Been Replaced

If your water heater has been in use for eight to 12 years, it’s time to get a new one. That’s the standard lifespan of a water heater, while tankless water heaters can last 15 to 20 years. During the last few years of your water heater’s life span, keep an eye on its functionality and appearance. Old water heaters likely need to be replaced, but these other signs can also be indicators.

Rusty Water or Water Tank

Rust around the water heater tank, or worse, rusty water, points to needing an entirely new heater. If your water is rusty, one or more components inside the tank are rusted.

Lowered Water Pressure

Backups in the water heater pipes could be the culprit for low water pressure. A professional should address the severity of these mineral build-ups to determine the best course of action.

Leaks Around the Tank

If you find puddles around your water heater, you need repair. Leaking from a water heater can be hard to spot, but regularly checking your water heater can help you catch any leaks quickly.

Not Enough Hot Water

Depending on your household, you may be used to hot water running out as you’re using it. If it seems like it’s running out more quickly than usual, this may indicate your water heater is on its last legs.

Get an Expert Opinion

Not every issue with your water heater requires a complete replacement. Sometimes, parts can be repaired for a lower cost. Contact a professional at ClearWater Plumbers for an expert diagnosis on the most cost-effective solution.

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