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Replacing Your Sewer Lines


Your sewer system has an important role to play in the overall health of your home. The idea of having to replace a sewer line can feel overwhelming. The sewer system tends to be forgotten about until you have a serious problem. If you have noticed that you’re having issues, it may be time to get professional help.

Signs of Damage

When it comes to your plumbing, some signs of problems will be very noticeable, and other times can be easy to miss. It is important to get on top of any issues right away before they turn into an expensive problem to fix.

  • Slow Drains – Problems within the sewer line may present as slow-moving or clogged drains. If you have several drains becoming regularly clogged, it typically means you have a developing problem in the line. You may also notice that your toilet is making weird sounds. This could be signs of a blockage down the line.
  • Flooding or Foul Smell – If you notice areas of flooding, or you are smelling something foul coming from your yard, this may be a clear sign of damage.

Sewer Replacement

When it comes to repairing or replacing, there are two main options. One option is to dig a trench around the pipe, or to use trenchless means of sewer repair. Many companies choose the trench option, which often takes more time, and requires more physical labor. Trenchless is a great method for repairing sewer pipes. This method is both time and cost-effective. This option prevents the need for a trench to be dug, but still provides the same effective repairs. 

Preventing the Need for Repair

To avoid replacement or repair, it is recommended that you get your sewer line inspected at least once a year. You’ll also want to consider removing anything that could lead to damage within your piping. This could be the trees surrounding your home since roots are naturally attracted to the flow of water. You can also increase the life of your sewer lines by being conscious of what goes down your drains. Hair, grease, oil, and unfamiliar debris can all impact the life of your sewer. 

Work with a Pro

Regardless of the cause, if you notice issues within your sewer, you should put your trust in an experienced company. At ClearWater Plumbing, we care about the life of your sewer lines. Our experienced technicians are qualified to deal with both repairs, and complete replacements. Contact us today with any questions or concerns.  

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