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3 Signs of an Underground Pipe Leak


Water leaks are never a good sign. In the best-case scenario, they can run up your water bill and provide less pressure for you in the shower. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll be dealing with serious water damage to your house, costing you even more money. Underground pipe leaks can be just as bad, even if they don’t directly affect your walls and electronics, but they can also be hard to spot unless you know a few warning signs.

Higher Water Bill

When you have a leak, your water bill rises, because the company thinks you’re using more water than you are. A higher-than-average water bill isn’t inherently a sign of an outdoor leak, but it’s a good reason to start paying closer attention. 

Odd Outdoor Wet Patches

If you notice an oddly wet patch in your yard, it could be the result of an underground pipe leaking water into that one area. 

In the same vein, more water means healthier, greener, longer vegetation, so if you see any patches of grass that are a little too lush compared to the grass surrounding them, it’s a sure sign that the grass has to be getting water from somewhere — such as a busted pipe.

Another possible result is that you may notice backyard sinkholes, which means the ground is sucked into the pipe.

Contaminated Water Supply

If your water has any signs of rust, dirt, or air inside of it, it’s not necessarily because an underground pipe is leaking. However, when combined with other warning signs like sinkholes or wet spots, the truth becomes clear.

Trust Us With Your Plumbing Needs

It’s one thing to detect an underground leak and another thing to fix it. If you have an underground leak, get in touch with us at ClearWater Plumbers. We’ll help you get your plumbing issues resolved.  

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