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Clear Your Toilet Drain Quickly


Clear Your Toilet Drain Quickly

Toilet clogs

When you find yourself in a predicament and you need to clear your toilet drain, quickly – like before the toilet is about to overflow – remove the tank lid and lift the float. According to the most referred Fort Worth plumber, if the water is already up to the rim, reach into the tank, close the flapper, and lift the float. Turning off the shutoff valve is another alternative, but it usually takes longer.

There is also no need to be squeamish about reaching into the toilet tank, says your Fort Worth plumbing specialist.  The water in the toilet tank is fresh, clean water.  It also helps to keep the inside of your toilet tank clean by using a scrubbing sponge along the sides and the bottom.

After loosening anything from the sides and bottom, give your toilet a few flushes to force the dirty water into the toilet bowl and eventually down the toilet drain. Of course, you will want to deal with the clogged toilet prior to cleaning the tank and flushing your system.  Follow these helpful tips:

Plumber Pro Tip of the Week

  • Tip #1 First, use a plunger. Fold the extension cup out, and press the plunger into the outlet. Pump the plunger vigorously until the water level drops. While remaining ready to lift the float if necessary, flush the toilet to see whether the obstruction has been forced over the trap.
  • Tip #2 If the toilet flushes sluggishly, with large bubbles rising late in the flush cycle, the drain is still partially blocked.
  • Tip #3 If a plunger won’t clear the blockage completely, then it’s time to use a closet auger. Pull the handle and cable back, and insert the bend of the tube into the outlet. Slowly push the cable forward while cranking in a clockwise direction.
  • Tip #4 When the crank handle bottoms out, retrieve the cable, and repeat the process. Run the cable through at least three times, forcing it left, right, and center.

PLUMBER PRO SECRETS: If this method doesn’t work, empty the bowl with a paper cup, and hold a pocket mirror in the outlet. Shine a flashlight into the mirror so that it illuminates the top of the trap. This should reveal what is causing the problem. Bend a length of wire into a hook, and pull the blockage back into the bowl.

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