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Increase Your Flush with a New Toilet Installation


Increase Your Flush with a New Toilet

Installing toilets

Most toilets in the low-to-moderate price range are two-piece units, with a separate tank and bowl, made of vitreous china.  One-piece toilets with integral tank and bowl also are available, but the cost is usually two or three times that of two-piece units.  A new toilet installation is an easy homeowner plumbing DIY project.

According to the expert Fort Worth plumber, code regulations requiring low-flow (1.6 gallons per flush, i.e. gpf), toilets have been on the books for years.  After some initial problems with inadequate flush force, manufacturers have re-engineered the toilet traps and flush mechanisms to maximize efficiency.

These new models work considerably better than first-generation low-flow toilets from 1980s to mid ’90s.  Most are reasonably priced and well worth the cost for eliminating aggravation (and double flushing).

Plumbing Pro Tip of the Week

Tip #1  Turn the bowl upside down, and place a new wax ring and sleeve onto the toilet horn.

Tip #2  Apply a ring of plumber’s putty around the bottom edge of the toilet base.

Tip #3  Waxless rings (inset) are clean and easy to install and are endorsed by most codes.

Tip #4  Position the toilet over the toilet flange so the floor bolts fit through the holes in the base of the toilet.

Tip #5  The flange should be clean, and the floor bolts should point straight up.

Tip #6  Press down on the toilet bowl to compress the wax ring and plumber’s putty.

Tip #7  Attach washers and nuts to the floor bolts, and tighten with an adjustable wrench until snug.

Tip #8  Do not overtighten.

Tip #9  Attach trim caps.

BONUS TIP:  Install a toilet by anchoring the bowl to the floor first, then mounting the tank onto the bowl.  China fixtures crack easily, so use care when handling them.

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