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4 Plumbing Myths – Debunked!


We are all interested in hearing about any tips or tricks that could help save us money on plumbing repairs. While word of mouth can be an effective tool for getting information out, when that information is incorrect word of mouth can be a real hindrance.

Sometimes the word of mouth rumors about plumbing tips can cost you money. These are some of the more popular plumbing myths:

Lemons in your garbage disposal. While it is true that the oil from the lemon rind will freshen up your garbage disposal for a short period of time, the acids in the lemon juice could corrode your disposal components over time. It is a better idea to use ice to freshen up and clean out your disposal if it is emitting a smell. If you like the smell of citrus in your disposal, use a lemon essential oil that does not contain any citric acid.

Toilet cleaner in the tank. Everyone is seduced by the ease of dropping a cleaning disk into the tank of their toilet for long-lasting cleaning. However, these in-tank cleaners are not very effective in actually cleaning the toilet and instead can corrode the components in the tank.

The drain is working fine. It is widely thought that if water and other debris rinse down the drain that there isn’t a clog. In fact, a clog could be forming in the drain pipes for a long time before it causes a complete blockage. To prevent this it is a good idea to always use drain screens and pour boiling water down the drain periodically.

Soap is a good cleaner for your fixtures. While soap is fine for cleaning the countertops or the floor, using soap on your fixtures can cause a grimy film that makes your fixtures look dull and dirty. Instead, use diluted white vinegar to disinfect your fixtures and make them shine.

When you are in need of plumbing support or advice, make sure to ask an expert rather than just your friend or neighbor. While neighbor John has good intentions and is simply passing on information that was passed to him – he could be leading you down a path that will cost you more time and money in the end.

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