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Fall Chores To Protect Your Sewer System


As a homeowner, there are many tasks that you are responsible for in order to maintain your home. Things like mowing the lawn, painting or pressure washing the siding of your home, and keeping the driveway and patio clear of moss and weeds are all on-going chores.

During the fall season, a major chore that must be done is raking leaves. No one likes the task, but it is important to do because if the leaves from your trees are left to accumulate around the property, they will eventually wash into the street and sewer systems.

When large piles of leaves are left to clog up the sewer system, the ramifications reach far and wide. Many homeowners will be effected, including you. For instance, if you rake your leaves into the street rather than collecting them into bags, the leaves will clog the drainage grates along your neighborhood curb and the streets will flood during rainstorms.

Avoid all of this by following these tips for raking the leaves in your yard:

  • Safety first. The first step is to make sure that you have the right equipment. Gloves are essential to raking leaves as there can be sharp sticks and twigs that have fallen and mixed in with the layers of leaves. Goggles are also a good idea. If the leaves you are raking are very dry, they will kick up some dust that would be painful if you got it in your eyes.
  • Trash bags and a rake. Once you have all of the proper safety equipment, pull out several large lawn and leaf bags and your rake. It is nice if you have someone to help so you can divide the yard into sections.
  • The job. Begin your raking from the perimeter of the lawn rather than right in the middle. Rake towards the center of your yard, making piles along the way. Gather these piles into the lawn and leaf bags, pushing the material in the bags down as much as possible.

It is not a fun task to do but, raking leaves is something that we are all responsible for. It will protect the City sewer system from damage and clogs.

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