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Should You Get a Gas or Electric Water Heater?


The age-old debate on gas or electric water heaters is standardly won with the gas water heater because of utility costs.  Besides the debate, it is about personal preference and may come down to if you already have gas installed in your home, or it is an all-electric home.

Standard Tank Water Heaters

Gas wins the popularity contest for standard water heaters.  A gas water heater heats the water with a flame, while an electric water heater uses elements to heat the water in the tank.  A typical gas water heater will cost a little more than electric, but they usually cost less to power, so you end up getting back some of the extra money you spent on the gas unit.  A standard tank water heater tends to last between eight and 15 years.  This is the best type of water heater if you need a quick replacement of your current tank water heater, or you have a tight budget.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters win the gas or electric debate with electric being the more efficient unit.  The gas tankless water heater takes more installation than the electric version because it needs ventilation that is important for the water heater to work.  Installation becomes the major part of having a gas tankless water heater.  Venting and gas lines can usually not be reused, so new lines and venting ducts must be installed and maintained regularly.

The electric version is much easier to install, and the electric tank runs at an efficiency that is much higher than the gas version.  So, electricity wins with a landslide in installation costs and in energy efficiency.  With this said, the choice really does have more to do with each individual home and the people living in the home.

If you want a tankless unit as an upgrade to your tank water heater, and you don’t have gas services currently in your house, an electric unit will save you a lot of money, installation, maintenance, and time.

When you need a new water heater for your home, Clearwater Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX, is available for standard or tankless installation and replacement services.

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