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How to Care for Your Water Softener this Summer


If you have a water softener at your home in Fort Worth, TX, summertime is a wonderful time to start caring for your water heater.  Consider using a calendar to keep all your maintenance duties on them.  If you have a smartphone, you can enter your maintenance schedule on your phone, so it alerts you when it is time to get things done for your water softener.

Aside from your regular checks of salt levels once a month and adding salt when needed, you should also schedule a cleaning of your water softener.  It is important to have them cleaned annually, even if your water hasn’t turned hard again.  Doing this will ensure that your water softener lasts as long as possible.

If you think you have a water softener that needs repairs, or your water is getting harder, you may need to have it checked for any issues by a plumber.  If the plumber finds that the repairs are extensive, consider a new water softener to keep your water at excellent quality levels for your home.

If you do need a new water softener, one of the best places to figure out what model to choose is online.  Reading reviews and talking to other people about the water softeners they have is a wonderful way to gain knowledge about the various products available.  If you still need help making a choice about a new water softener, the plumbers at Clearwater Plumbers are qualified to help you choose the best unit for you home.

New water softeners are great. Going from hard water to water that feels better and leaves less residue in your home is a good feeling.  Getting a maintenance program scheduled right away will make sure that your softener works every day and doesn’t let you down.  Hanging a calendar to check the water softener regularly will help you and your family remember that it needs regular attention.

Clearwater Plumbers is available to help you learn to care for your new water softener or other filtration systems on a regular basis and annual check-ups that will lengthen the life of your softener.

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