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Should You Have Your Drains Cleaned this Fall?


Any time of the year is an excellent time to have your drains cleaned if you suspect a significant problem.  If you want to have your drains cleaned for preventative maintenance, then fall is a wonderful time because tree and plant roots are looking for a new source of nourishment on your property.  If roots get to your plumbing lines and find a way inside, you could have sewage backups and cracked pipes!

Signs You Should Have Your Drains Cleaned:

  • The smell of sewage from your drains is a sign that you need to have your drains cleaned and your pipes may need repairs.
  • If you notice clogs that become more frequent as the months go by, then drain cleaning is a good idea for the plumbing in your home. You won’t need to rely on a plunger as much or fear sewage backups!
  • If you have chronic slow drains, then you should have your drains cleaned. If you wait to have your slow drains taken care of, you may eventually have problems with sewage backups in your home.
  • If your pipes make gurgling sounds after you stop running water down them, or when they are dry, these sounds are a sign of a clog. If you have a clog that makes your pipes gurgle, it is smart to have it cleaned out before it becomes a significant problem.
  • If you have more than one clogged drain or multiple drains gurgle or backup when you run water or flush a toilet, then you probably have a main sewer line clog. Hydrojetting is a great solution for main sewer line clogs.
  • If you plan to have guests during the fall and winter months, fall is a great time to have your drains cleaned. The assurance you need that your plumbing will work well when your friends and family visit is worth having your pipes cleaned before they arrive.
  • If you must use chemicals regularly to loosen up your drains and get water flowing, having your drains cleaned is a more permanent and safer solution.
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