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Fall Plumbing Checklist


The fall in Fort Worth, TX, means preparing for colder months and maintaining your home for the rest of the year.  Part of a good home maintenance plan is making sure that your plumbing is going to perform well for the rest of the year.

  • If you are going on vacation in the fall or winter months, prepare to shut your plumbing down while you are gone. Consider shutting off the main water valve and draining all your faucets before you leave.  Shutting off your main water line can help you avoid any plumbing emergencies that may happen when you are gone for an extended period.
  • If you have a sump pump, have it checked and cleaned this fall, so it is ready when you need it to work right away.
  • If you have pipes in the unheated areas of your home, consider insulating them to avoid freezing pipes. Check your home for areas where chilly air can flow in from outside and make it easier for your pipes to freeze.  If you have areas where freezing air leaks into your home, seal these spaces for a more energy-efficient home and to protect your plumbing.
  • Have your water heater valve inspected and your tank flushed if you have a standard water heater. Your water heater will have an easier time keeping up with the higher demand for the colder months if it is maintained in the fall.
  • Disconnect the water hoses that you use for your landscaping. Hoses left connected can lead to your pipes inside your home freezing and breaking if there is a fluke storm and everything freezes.
  • Check all the faucets in your home for leaking parts or dripping. Leaking water can lead to cracks in your pipes if the temperature drops too low.
  • Inspect your pipes for any leaks or discoloration before the weather gets too cold. Get weakened or leaky pipes repaired right away to avoid significant damages to your home.

If you find any plumbing problems when you are inspecting your home, call Clearwater Plumbers for help getting your home ready for the colder weather.

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