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How to Care for Your Garbage Disposal


Many Fort Worth residents have garbage disposal units attached to their kitchen sinks. Whether you already have one or plan to have one installed, it’s vital to know how to use these devices properly and how to care for them to get the most value out of them. At Clearwater Plumbers in Fort Worth, we provide a full range of professional plumbing services, including garbage disposal installation, repair, and replacement. Still, we want our local customers to know how to keep their disposals running their best.

Clean Them Consistently

Your garbage disposal has a dirty job, so it’s certainly going to accumulate dirt and muck inside of it over time, especially after a few days of heavy use. Try to limit how much you send down the disposal at once, and refrain from sending starchy, sticky, or fibrous materials into the disposal, such as potato skins, celery, or greasy bits of animal fat. These substances will eventually cake onto the interior mechanisms of the disposal and prevent it from working correctly.

One of the best home methods of cleaning a garbage disposal is to run it with a mixture of warm water and sliced lemons. The citric acid in the lemons will help to break down food residue lingering in the disposal. In contrast, the warm water helps to circulate it through the blades and the surrounding disposal unit’s interior. The chunks of lemon peel are just abrasive enough to break up large chunks of residue and even clean the disposal pipes.

Know When to Call the Professionals

A garbage disposal can be dangerous, so if you don’t feel comfortable performing maintenance on yours or don’t want to take any unnecessary risks, it’s always best to refer to the professionals. If you encounter a stubborn clog that won’t seem to dislodge, or if your disposal seems to struggle to run efficiently, or if you’ve had issues with food and other debris being sent flying out of your disposal’s opening, it’s time to call a professional. Contact Clearwater Plumbers today for all your garbage disposal-related needs.

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