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Why to Consider an Infrared Tube Heating System


Making the switch to infrared heating comes with many benefits, no matter what brand or features you opt for. At the very least, infrared heating will allow you to save energy, especially compared to traditional heating methods. 

However, what contributes to this overall effectiveness? The answer is burner design, two-stage technology, reflector materials, and exchanger tube properties. So long as all these aspects are of high quality, you can expect to get a lot out of your infrared heating system.

The Benefits of an Infrared Tube Heating System

  • It will reduce your overall energy consumption. With infrared heating, you can expect to see 20-50% fuel savings compared to a traditional warm air system.
  • You’ll be able to lower the amount of harmful emissions. Because infrared heaters burn cleaner, you’ll see a significant reduction in harmful emissions from your heating system.
  • You’ll feel improved thermal comfort. With infrared heating, you’ll be heating the floor rather than the ceiling. Ambient objects will thus store heat energy, helping to improve the overall comfort of the space.
  • The system will improve indoor air quality. Unlike traditional heating systems, infrared heating doesn’t depend upon air currents for heat transfer. So, your system will be minimizing the spread and circulation of chemical pollutants, hazardous particles, and general cross-contamination. 
  • Infrared heaters are flexible. With an infrared heating system, you can expect the heat to be directed to exactly where it’s needed. 
  • Air stratification is another benefit of switching to an infrared tube heating system. Using infrared heating, there’s no need to circulate air to heat a building. This will reduce thermal stratification, which then improves the overall perceived comfort of the space.

Are you in the Fort Worth, Weatherford, or Cleburne areas? Interested in having an infrared tube heating system installed, or just want to learn more? Clearwater Plumbers is here to help. Contact us today. 

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